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Sonika Howl welcomes you, like a warm embrace, with vibrant sounds of lust and despair, groove and gravity. Smooth harmonies and lyrics leading off from the path into the hazy night, where atmospheric guitars dance with snappy melodies and heavy roars through the fog.

The Stockholm-based band took form through occasional jam sessions that grew more frequent, and nights at the suburban pubs that grew longer and longer. Taking no rush in refining their sound, the first result was a self-titled 4-track EP which was released in January 2022, recorded and produced together with Christopher Göthberg and Mathias Zachrisson.

Sonika Howl's debut moves unobtrusively between eras, taking equal amounts of inspiration from the complex guitar leads of the 70’s as well as the groovy neo-psychedelic rhythms of the 90’s. The tracks were captured during a number of live sessions, preserving the authentic groove and making everything smell just a little bit analog.

Currently, the band is hard at work on writing new material, as well as planning for taking their music to the live venues. Keep an eye out for everything to come!

Sonika Howl is Andreas Bohman on lead vocals and guitar, Martin Nordström on lead guitar, and Andreas Henningson on drums.

Sonika Howl band members Martin Nordström, Andreas Bohman, and Andreas Henningson.

Press photo. Credit: Maja Johnsson, Ellen Ekeroth

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Sonika Howl EP album art

Debut EP album art. Credit: Joan Belda

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  • Every note vibrates with the frequency of the divine creativity that went into it. — YACK! Magazine
  • Alive and unpolished and all the better for it. — Roppongi Rocks
  • Elegant guitars, reminiscent of the 1970s, as well as high quality melodies. — Roadie Metal